adam kremer

born 1989 montreal, quebec

raised in brisbane, australia

living in brooklyn, new york



email adam (at) adamkremer (dot) net

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2017 Jul - Numb, Presented by Tabula Rasa Magazine, Picture Farm Gallery, Brooklyn NY, USA

2016 Aug - Tapping, KANSAS Gallery, New York City NY, USA
Group Exhibition featuring Jenni Crain, Carey Denniston, Adam Kremer, Boru O'Brien O'Connell, Luke Stettner & Max Stolkin

2015 Sept - The Air Is An Absence Held, Ray Smith Studio Gallery, Brooklyn NY, USA
2015 Sept - Peekskill Project 6, Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art, Peekskill NY, USA

2014 Aug - (Curator) Mute Annotations, Presented by V1 Gallery, Bad News, Brooklyn NY, USA
2014 Aug - A Place to Rest While in Motion, Curated by Jenni Crain, Dossier Outpost, New York City NY, USA
2014 Jan - Hindsight, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
Group Exhibition Featuring E.B Itso, Barry McGee, Todd Hido, Ed Templeton, Ari Marcopoulos, Matthew Stone, Felix Werbowy, Thomas Campbell, David Potes, Cheryl Dunn, Marten Lange, Anatole Hocek, Harry Gould Harvey, Adam Jeppesen, Andrea Sonnenberg, Sara Naim, Frankie Nazardo, Adam Kremer, Van Robinson, Jesper Just, Joe Leavenworth, Martin de Thurah, Peter Funch, Michael Schmelling, Luke Barber Smith, Peter Sutherland, Daniel Arnold, Martin Kollar, Gregory Halpern,Tim Barber, Fryd Frydendahl, Melanie Schiff, Hunter Barnes, Magnus Vind, Josh Lazcano, Ray Potes, Atelier Pica Pica

2013 Nov - Under The Influence, RISD Museum, Providence RI, USA
2013 May - Limits of Desire, 7Dunham Gallery, New York City NY, USA
Group Exhibition featuring Joe Baptista, Morgan Blair, Borden Capalino, Ethan Cook, Jess Fuller, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Kim Hoeckele, Adam Kremer, Lauren Luloff, Roman Liška, Anna K. Miller, Austin Nelson, Peter Rostovsky, Jen Schwarting, Ian Swanson, Agnes Thor

2012 May - The Independent Photographers Union Presents Blood of the Young, Creative Studios Gallery, London, UK
2012 April - Queensland Festival of Photography, Various Venues, Brisbane, Australia
2012 April - Hard Workers Club Photography Festival, Tinning Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011 Nov - Nofound Photofair, Paris, France

2010 Sept - Small Victories, Little Mountain Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2010 May - Small Victories, Above Second Gallery, Hong Kong
2010 April - Viewfinder, Queensland Festival for Photography, Nine Lives Gallery, Brisbane, Australia



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