Untitled (Light Installation I), Silver Leaf, Birch, 64x36x4", 2015

Detail Untitled (Light Installation I)

New Moon (I and II), Silver Prints, 25x20", Unique, 2014

Sundial III, Hot Rolled and Blackened Steel, 24x30x16", 2014

New Moon (III), Silver Print, 25x20", Unique, 2014

Untitled (Light Installation II),  Silver Leaf, Fir, 84x12x10", 2015

Detail Untitled (Light Installation II)

Sundial I, Hot Rolled and  Blackened Steel, 24x30x5", 2014

Testement (10 Grains of Rice), C Type print, 20x16", Unique, 2014

Detail, Bronzed Rice, EMPIRE Brick, 2014

Testament (10 Grains of Rice), Bronzed Rice, EMPIRE Bricks, 2014

Untitled (Transition), Copper Leaf on Cement Block, 2015

Testement (Peeled Grape), C Type print, 20x16", Unique, 2014

Testament (Dried Grape Branch), Bronzed Branch, ST. JOE Brick, 2014

Sundial II, Hot Rolled and  Blackened Steel, 24x30x16", 2014